Current Lab Members

Professor Paul Moorcroft

Paul Moorcroft
Principal Investigator

Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Research Interest:  Ecological dynamics of terrestrial plant
communities and ecosystems; biosphere-atmosphere interactions;
mechanistic models of animal movement

Tel:  617-496-6744

Miriam Johnston Miriam Johnston
Graduate Student
Research Interest: Integrating remote sensing technologies in
terrestrial ecosystem and biosphere models, Plant stress
Tel:  617-495-1621


Nathan Ranc Nathan Ranc
Graduate Student
Research Interest:  Research: Wildlife movement ecology -
mechanistic movement models of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus).  

This project is supported by the Fondazione Edmund Mach, Research
and Innovation Center and the Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy).
Tel:  617-495-1621
Stacy Bogan Stacy Bogan
Staff Member at the Center for Geographic Analysis
Research Interest:  Analysis of NASA's HyspIRI Airborn Campaign data
for linking terrestrial biosphere models with imaging spectrometry measurements
of ecosystem composition, structure, and function
Tel:  617-495-1621
Dan Scott Daniel Scott
Associate Researcher
Research Interest:  Modeling terrestrial ecosystem isotopic composition,
quantifying the value of this data for the ED2.1 model, and performing a
data-model synthesis to better constrain long term projections of ecosystem processes
Tel:  617-495-1621
Maddie Marino Maddie Marino
Faculty Assistant
Tel:  617-496-8703